“Mary, Please Come In.”

hurtI have always thought about what it would have been like if Jesus was born nowadays. Of course, Jesus was born at the perfect time but it is interesting to think of that hypothetical situation.

But, then again, when I wonder if Jesus was born today, I can’t help but think of a conversation that probably would have happened:

Nurse: “Mary, please come in.”

Mary: “Be right back, Joseph.”

(Walks into room)

Nurse: “Okay, are you ready for the operation?”

Mary: “Yes, this baby is an accident and I cannot support it.”

Nurse: “No need to explain, Mary. I totally understand.”

Mary: “Joseph and I want a kid later in life; if it is a girl we will name her “Sarah” and if it is a boy, “Jesus”.

Nurse: “Great choice of names. Shall we go into the operation room and start the procedure . . . the abortion?”

Mary: “Might as well.”

Jesus probably would have been aborted if His birth would have been scheduled nowadays . . . think about that for a minute.

Where’s the Love Bro? – Syncretism Saturation


Now. mostly likely you have never heard of “syncretism”. For many people it is a unheard of term because it is usually replaced with the word polytheism. However, syncretism goes much deeper than polytheism.

Polytheism is a religion with many gods, Syncretism is a religion that is a broad mixture of different religions and gods. If you were a farmer and there was a god of the ground, then you might want to add him to your religion and sacrifice to him so that he will bless your crops. I mean, why not? If he is real, then you benefit; if he is not real, then you don’t lose much.

In the ancient world, the culture was literally saturated in syncretism. Despite the common belief, the Israelites were not polytheists when they worshiped other gods. They were syncretists. To them, God was their national God; usually the leader of the other gods. The Israelites still believed in God, but they mixed that truth with a bunch of other lies.  That is why you hear God say so many times in the Bible that He is the only God.

Isaiah 44:6:

Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; “I am the First, and I am the Last; and beside Me there is no God.”

The Terror Birds of Yesterday


The long snout shook back and forth as the Astrapotherium nipped off a tasty meal. It was a windy day, and it was this wind that covered the massive animal moving toward the feeding animal.

The grass parted silently in front of the creature, right before it leaped forward, a couple feet into the air and landed with a large boost of energy. The Astrapotherium turned its head quickly and snorted. Both creatures rushed off.

With strides covering many times that of his prey, the predator quickly ran up beside it and, with one swift move of his beak, struck the creature in the neck. The blow was directed right for the spinal cord, and that is right where it hit. The Astrapotherium dropped to the ground, paralyzed, before the predator, a gigantic, flightless bird tore him to digestible pieces.

The predator spoken of above was actually a group of flightless birds that are said to have conquered two whole continents as the top predator. According to the theory of evolution, even when the saber-toothed cats and wolves came onto the scene, these terror birds (otherwise knows as phorusrhacids), as they are known, still were the dominant predators for a long time.

With gigantic beaks, legs, bodies and acute senses, it comes as no surprise that phorusrhacids were so dangerous. Because these birds are flightless, this is usually the first thing discussed about them; well before any ideas on how they hunted.

The fact is flightless birds are still known today in the ostrich, penguin, etc. But, none of the birds living today had much of a build like the phorusrhacids. With the smallest known one being 3.3 feet tall and the largest at 10 feet, these birds could pack a punch to predator or prey.

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“Another Day, Another Dollar”

circles“Well, another day, another dollar.” That is how a certain young man recently summarized his life. For him, life didn’t really hold a lot of purpose. You lived for today and what you could do to make it pleasurable. Anything that could make his life better and less stressful would be fine with him.

That is how many people take other aspects of life. That is why thieves steal. Why murderers murder. Why people abort their precious babies. We live for today, there is no purpose for tomorrow and we should do whatever we can to make today less inconvenient for us. That is why babies are being aborted.

How can we stop the abortion of beautiful little children? Watch the following video and get a clear idea of it all.