Seems Our Thinking is Backward


This video rocked my world! If only so many lost souls would see their thinking is backward!

Bear His Cross


Luke 14:27:

And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after Me, cannot be my disciple.

Although songs have been sung and books have been written about those three words I think many of them miss the true meaning.

Yes, the “bear his cross” saying has been used as a directional verse for Christians who are either heading into or are in a difficult time. But . . . we have missed the shocking revelation of this verse!

Jesus was talking to His disciples and a great multitude (Luke 14:25) of people when He said those three words, “bear his cross”. The difficulty with this verse is because we know what happens next in the story. We know Jesus dies on the cross then is raised from the dead three days later, defeating death. So, what are we missing?

A fresh perspective!

We look at this verse as it is for us but we should also look at it the way the disciples and the multitude would’ve heard of it. They knew all about the cross and the crucifixions that occurred there so often. They knew about the 800 Pharisee leaders that had been crucified little over 100 years prior. So, when Jesus said “and whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after Me, cannot be my disciple.” it would’ve come as quite a shock to the listeners!

So, in a sense, not only was Jesus calling all His followers to be ready for persecution (that is why we need to preach a full gospel and not the sweet/modern version) He was also making a prophetic statement; He was going to be crucified! Oh, the pain the disciples must have felt!

Not Just a Dusty Old Book . . . Part 3

bookopenRemember when we looked at what the Smithsonian had to say about the Bible and its contents? You can click HERE for the official response from the Smithsonian on the validity of the Bible.

When I first saw that letter, I wrote, “I wasn’t surprised to hear it, I was just surprised they would admit it so blatantly!” I know what the Bible contains. I know it is true. I don’t need a letter from the Smithsonian to tell me that.

See, if the Bible didn’t change lives and teach truth, then why do people fight it? If it is a lie, then they have nothing to worry about. They will die. We will die. Nothing will change if we do or do not believe in the Bible.

However, if it is the truth, then they will fight. Humans are naturally evil. They naturally fight the truth.

Have you ever thought how you don’t have to teach a baby how to throw a fit? They naturally do it. You don’t have to teach people how to be bad; they are all naturals at it.

But, since the Bible is true, people fight it. They naturally hate it and what it teaches. So, who says it is a just a dusty old book now?

Not Just a Dusty Old Book . . . Part 2

bookshelfI remember reading a story about an interesting young man.

This man had been raised in a Christian home. He never really read the Bible much, but he knew what it contained. This man left home when he was 18 and lived an average life. He wasn’t rich, and he wasn’t poor.

This man had a very loving Grandmother. Although the man had very little to do with the Grandmother, she loved him and would often send him gifts and letters. By the time the young man was 20, his Grandmother was very sick. She died a few months later.

To the young man’s delight, she had left her small fortune completely to the young man. She left all her valuables for the young man, including her “old, family Bible and all it contains”. The young man was elated to have such a fortune but, since he knew what the Bible contained, he put it up on a high shelf and unpacked the other, more important valuables.

Well, the riches got to the young man and he began to spend more than he should. He got into gambling and other sins that drained him of all his money. Eventually, he had used so much money that he had to move from his rather big house, to a small apartment.

As the young man was packing, he reached up on top of that high shelf and grabbed the Bible. It slipped from his hands as soon as it came off the shelf and landed on the floor. It landed on an edge and it fell open. To the young man’s surprise, on the top of the 175th page, was a $100 bill.

The young man bent over and picked up the Bible. He turned the page and noticed another $100 bill. He turned through every single page. Each and every page had $100 between it.

The young man thought he knew what the Bible contained . . . he didn’t.