366 days ago I jumped onto my computer with excitement. I finally got my parents permission, I could start my own website! I rocketed on and started making pages like crazy, publishing some articles I had written in preparation for that momentous moment!

Unfortunately, it was just around bedtime when my mom gave me permission so I didn’t get a whole lot done. So, the next day I worked like the whole day on it, so, for that reason, January 25th, 2011 is the official starting date (the real date is January 24th). Also, I like the number 25 more than 24! You will too with the next announcement!

In honor of this anniversary I’m offering my 51 Graphs and Charts of the Bible for 25% (not 24%) off running from January 25th through January 31st! I hope you take this opportunity as it comes, it might never happen again!

Let me tell you though, it hasn’t been easy writing a post for every day of the week and some days I did two! I’ve had to wrack my brain, pace a path into the ground and erase, erase and erase. I can’t tell you how many times I re-thought the purpose of this website and I’m glad I finally settled with Already Answered!

This past year all I have asked you to do, besides a few polls and quizzes, is read and learn, I’m extremely grateful for support, this website would be nothing without you!

But . . . (always one of those) . . . you can help even more! In order for the Word of Almighty God out into the secular world better, I have set up a system on which you can share my daily posts (or pages) on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or you can even Email them to friends (click the More button that is located with the others, and you will have even more options)!

I ask you, today, to pick your favorite post from Already Answered that means something to you specifically, then either put it on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or Email to at least five people, or all four! The Word of God, today is dying in the hearts of humans, lets reignite it!