Some might wonder why God ever created the multiple galaxies, stars, nebulae, supernovae, etc. so far away. But there is a very good reason He did exactly what He did!

Imagine if God had created all the heavenly bodies within 1,000 lightyears away! Wait, you couldn’t imagine that, you wouldn’t even exist!

You see, our entire galaxy is about 100,000 lightyears wide and most nebula, stars and other singular objects (not galaxies) that we can see exist in the Milky Way. So, if we were to condense all the stars, nebula, galaxies, etc. within 1,000 lightyears then you would have galaxies colliding into us constantly. You would have stars and hot and radiating wind tearing the sun and all the planets apart. You would also be grasping at millions of stars, destroying our solar system!

Ok, we see what a catastrophe that would be! But what about heavenly bodies within 6,000 lightyears away? You would have many of the same problems!

See, if God had designed it any differently then we would have no hope for life!

For one, I’m glad God made it like He did!

Look for further research into the Distant Starlight argument shortly.