One man, one rule, one rebel

Everyone knew the new rule. So, why was this man walking down the cobblestone streets towards one particular house?

The streets were open so the man shuffled quickly down the avenue. He moved under the doorpost of one of the houses and gave two soft knocks on the door. The rain was blocked by the small doorpost and the man was grateful for that.

The door was promptly opened.

“Sir Valentine, we are so glad you could come!” A young man excitedly whispered to the man who had just entered the house.

“I’m glad to come, Silas.” Valentine said.

Valentine stepped to the side Silas and respectfully greeted the young woman standing behind the young man. “Valentine,” the young woman said. “We are so glad you have come. We have witnesses, could we start with your blessing?”

Valentine gestured to the center of the room, “certainly,” He settled his left hand on the woman’s shoulder and his right hand on the man’s shoulder. “Under this God-given cover, Silas and Aspen, you shall be married.”

Valentine joined Silas andAspen’s hands and looked toward the roof as he asked God’s blessing on the couple. Then, the ceremony began.

Valentine grabbed Silas’ hand and claspedAspen’s. He looked toward heaven and gave the couple to God, then he let go of their hands and blessed the two.

Tears settled onAspen’s eyes. “Valentine, if you ever need our help . . .”

Valentine looked at the newlyweds and smiled. “There is nothing, except that you keep this holy covenant within your hearts.”

“We will.”

Part 2, coming soon