The jail was musty, smelly and downright creepy. The very full bucket in the corner of Valentine’s cell was the mains source of the stench and Valentine ran the purpose of being in the cell through his mind.

There was a slow shuffling of feet as the prison warden’s daughter made her way to each cell. Some of the men treated her with disdain, teasing and yelling at her. Others remained quiet as she gathered sloshing buckets and gave out a plate of meager food.

When the girl made it to Valentine’s cell he quickly noticed that the girl was blind. She had been up and down this prison for so long that she didn’t have to see it.

She groped for the third bar of the cell and slowly ran her hand down to the bottom. She fumbled at the latch and then opened the little food door. She shoved the plate in and left her hand there until Valentine handed her the bucket.

But, instead of giving her the bucket full of stench and disgust he gave her his hand and spoke to her.

They talked for a long time, until Asterius, the girl’s father took her away.

 Part 3 coming on Valentine’s day.