We’ll call this series Logy-Microbiology meaning the study of the study of microbes. In order to understand the study of microbes we first have to study the study of the microbes.

The scientific realm of Microbiology did not even exist 300 years ago, but there had been suspicions of invisible “laborers”. These ” laborers”, when finally discovered, gave scientists insight into incomprehensible knowledge. This research later became what we know as microbiology.

But, the study of microbes was not just for germs, cells, etc. Actually, it weaves its way into our lives everyday by raising our bread, fighting sicknesses, flavour cheeses and even keeping our houses smelling nice!

The world of microbes can be explained in a month and then we find out we only studied a single cell! That is how big the small world of microbes is! I hope we can at least grasp a single cell through our study this month!