There are few kid shows that irritate me as much as the new series (maybe not so new, about mid-2010) on PBS. This series is called Dinosaur Train and teaches kids just the opposite of what you want to teach them!

Now, let it be clear that this is a relatively new series that is being aired on a station that is tax-supported and, technically, you are paying for it. If, in any way possible, you can contact the PBS station and ask them to alter their opinions on evolution in the show (you might get a very good dialogue out of this) or shut down the program all together.

OK, with that cleared up, let’s explore some of the ideas that are trained into the watcher’s mind.

First of all, Dinosaur Train is made for young kids and it does a very good job on capturing the child’s heart by using clear, and not that bad quality, animation and lovable characters. These characters (specifically five pteranodons, a juvenile T. Rex and a Troodon) sing, are amazingly synchronized (they often yell out the same word at the same time) and ask all the right questions.

Along with the seven main characters the watcher meets other theropods, sauropods, raptors and even some dinobirds (dinosaur/birds)! Read the below links to get more information on exactly what is taught.

Dinosaur Train – Mr. Conductor

Dinosaur Train – Time Tunnel