Along with meeting lots of new dinosaurs, Buddy (the kid T. Rex), Tiny, Shiny and Don (the three kid pteranodons) learn all about how other dinosaurs eat, cool off, warm-up, etc. Buddy even learns that other T. Rex mainly like carrion! Who knows that?

Beyond even that the kid dinosaurs, along with the child watcher, ride on the main object of the series, the Dinosaur Train. On this train they learn about whatever dinosaur they are going to meet from Mr. Conductor, a Troodon.

It seems the conductor is just one smart guy and a few too many assumptions are made about him in the series.

First of all, he is recognized, in the series, as an extremely smart dinosaur. This idea didn’t just originate in a writer’s mind. No, this “brainy dinosaurs” argument has been going on for a long time.

When a dinosaur is found, at least when it is found with a skull, scientists compare the size of the brain cavity to the size of the body. This has been used on dinosaurs such as Stegosuarus and they found that the Stegosaurus was probably really dumb (in the Stegosaurus edition of Dinosaur Train the Stegosaurus talks real slow, like he doesn’t have the brain ability to speak right).

Anyway, the Troodon is given this great mind in the show because the writers assume that they must have been smart because of their brain capacity. The truth is, this measurement of the brain in comparison with the body is a work of complete guessing and not a single, completely accurate tidbit of data has come out of it.

The Troodon is not only given a great mind but also great eyesight (more specifically, he can see in the dark). Once again, this theory of Troodons having such amazing eyesight is due to the size of the eye cavities that appear on skeletons of this creature. And, once again, this theory is just that, a theory.

So,as far as the Troodon conductor goes, Dinosaur Train is already based on assumptions made by scientists that cannot produce accurate information from the methods they deploy.