Nothing really gets you going as much as seeing drawings or animations of the gigantic sauropods. These majestic beasts have roamed the earth for just over 6,000 years and they are perfectly designed by their Creator, Almighty God!

One of the most popular of these sauropods is Brachiosaur, a quadrupedal herbivore (that means it walks on all fours and eats plants)!

This amazing sauropod exhibits amazing attributes assigned to him by His Creator!

Brachiosaur  Features:

Facts that are known:

  • Had nostrils on top of the head.
  • Could grow up to be over 40 feet tall.
  • Very small head and brain for such a massive body.
  • Walked on four legs.

Theories and probabilities:

  • Herbivores (ate plants).
  • Weighed 30-49 tons.
  • Lived in herds.
  • Needed to eat up to 440 pounds of food each day.

Interesting facts:

  • Front legs grew out of his shoulders, thus giving him the name Brachiosaur which means”arm lizard”.
  • First bones found in Colorado in 1900.
  • Front legs are taller than the back, which is not common in dinosaurs.

Brachiosaur  Analysis:


As is true of many sauropods, Brachiosaur had nostrils on the top of his head. This led many scientists to believe that Brachiosaur might have lived in the water, like hippopotamus’ or something. But, when scientists observe the rest of the body they estimate that it would have been very hard for Brachiosaur to breathe if he was fully submerged (up to his head that is).

This is due to the amount of pressure the water would throw on the chest of Brachiosaur. This pressure (nearly 30 feet off it) would make it difficult for the lungs to expand and pump air, even though . . . read the rest of this article >>