As promised one week ago, I have completely remodeled Study the Word into the new Already Answered.

Questions (and answers) about the flood? Yeah, we got that too!

This “new” website will cover the truth of the Bible, how it applies to our lives, what the truth is in the Bible and how we are to teach it through subjects such as biology, microbiology, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, pliosaurs, plesiosaurs, history, geology, astronomy, all other forms of science, prophecy, and many, many other forms.

Our motto is:

Every question is already answered . . . all you have to do is find the question!

The meaning would be that the Bible has answered every question that relates, in anyway, to itself. All you have to do is find the question that is Already Answered. I know, a little confusing but it is the truth!

Along with a more driven motive, Already Answered will look slightly different. Of course, now that it is a different website and there are certain limitations to the new domain, the overall look will be changed.

Usually, when I write a page I send out a post that tells you about that page then leads you to it through a link to the page. Well, from now on, those pages will be made first on the page but then, when I tell you through a post, they will be fully or partly (if they are large) viewed on that post. That will save both you and me some trouble. but, keep in mind, you will always find a link at the bottom that will lead you to the page if you prefer that.

You can see these new rules applied to my post earlier this morning on Velociraptor!

As we go along you will find more and more things about Already Answered that will keep you (hopefully) hungry for the Word of God!