This profile comes from The Lost World of Dinosaurs, a book Jacob Howard is working on all this summer.

Velociraptor, nicknamed “Raptor”, has been given a wealth of publicity through the movie Jurassic Park 1-3 1. But, most of what we know about Velociraptor on Jurassic Park 1-3 is false and based on faulty assumptions.

Then there are things that are proposed in movies like Jurassic Park 1-3:

  1. Extremely smart 2
  2. Hunted in packs
  3. Killed using sharp claw
  4. Close descendants of birds 3

Velociraptor  Features

Let us explore what we do know about Velociraptor:

  • About three feet tall
  • Could grow up to six feet in length
  • Curved canine teeth that could tear stuff apart easily
  • Long tail
  • Curved claw in middle of foot

Then there are things we can make educated guesses about that make sense: 4

  1. Ate meat after the Fall
  2. Fast runner
  3. Used claws to kill

Velociraptor  Analysis:


Like most theropods, besides T. Rex of course, Velociraptor had a slim head that followed a long semi-oval of sharp teeth. These teeth were perfect for staying onto fighting prey and with the combined force of the leg and arm claws, this dinosaur was be a formidable foe for his fellow dinosaurs.

This head also had a huge brain cavity which has allowed Velociraptor to get a name for being extremely smart. Although we can’t be sure, it does seem very possible that Velociraptor was smart, but not near as smart as many movies give him credit.


One of the most popular part of Velociraptor would be its feet. The foot of a Velociraptor had four toes. No one knows that the use of the first toe was but the rest of the toes play an important part of Velociraptor structure.

The third and fourth toe held the weight of the Velociraptor while the other was raised at a nearly 90 degree angle. Many paleontologists believe that Velociraptor kept this . . . Read the rest of this article >>