Bill lives in 4.5 billion A.D. and he has finally been able to check on the results of his great-great-(and some 64,285,712 greats later)-grandfather’s experiment. A little less then 4.5 billion years earlier, Bob had constructed an experiment he had left for his great-great (once again, 64,285,712 greats later)- grandson instructions to check in on his experiment.

In order for Bob’s hypothesis to be true he had made a sterile pool that had a vacuum-sealed top. However, Bob did have tubes that pressed just the right gases into the pool. And one other factor that forced Bob never to see if his hypothesis was right, the pool had to be left for 4.5 billion years!

All of Bob’s work would depend on Bill, if Bill followed Bob’s instructions perfectly than Bob’s descendants would finally see the truth.

This pool that contained all the ingredients for life, was kept in a high security lab where only the direct sons of Bob (fortunately all of his descendants had at least one son) had keys. Bill quietly inserted the key into the grand lock on the lab door and turned slowly, releasing a whoosh of air.