The team at “On the Box” are experts at witnessing and proclaiming the Gospel and I just love their articles. Here are a few of the favorites.

On the Box:

My First Gospel Encounter at an Abortion Clinic

As often as my duties at Living Waters permit, I drive to one of the local abortion clinics to spend time in prayer. I pray the Lord will stop the killing of innocents at the clinic. I pray the Lord will convict the doctors, nurses, and staff of their part in the killing of unborn children; and I pray the Lord will bring them to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for the women who come to the clinic to abort their children; and I pray for the men in their lives who either convinced or coerced them to have an abortion. I pray for the family members of the women who may have done the same. I pray they all come to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I sat in the parking lot of an abandoned restaurant, adjacent to the abortion clinic, praying, I saw a linen services truck pull up to the back . . . read the rest

Dirty Car Art and the Foolishness of Atheism

Last year I attended the Santa Clarita Street Art Festival, with my brother-in-law, nieces, and nephews. During that time, I was blessed to distribute about four hundred gospel tracts to members of my community.

Some very talented artists were on-hand for this year’s festival–chalk artists, musicians, a professional drum corps, and more. There were even some artists who used Post-its to create a picture of Bugs Bunny and Road Runner.

One of the most interesting displays of artistic talent was the Dirty Car Art, by Scott Wade. Read the rest

Who Can Tell Me?

Who Can Tell Me?

“Who can tell me where I came from?”
The little boy would ask.
His question was a good one
Yet he faced a trying task.

Each man had different answers
As he was soon to learn.
This brought him great confusion
And it caused a deep concern.

He first went to his schoolmates
And they spoke with one another.
“I know,” said the brightest one,
“You came from your mother.”

Now this had satisfied . . . read the rest

Words of Comfort: Why the Sun Doesn’t Exist

A group known as “a/sunists” produced a manifesto explaining why they believe that the sun doesn’t exist:

Firstly. An entire desert tribe of men, women, and children was once killed by the sun. Therefore the sun doesn’t exist.

Second. Intelligent scientists have searched the night sky for the sun, and found no evidence for its existence.

Third. They also entered a pitch-black room and studied a book about the sun. Again, they found no empirical evidence.

Fourth. Beliefs were . . . read the rest