Today, in many movies and such, we hear people who have lost some loved one say, “I know they are watching me from heaven.” Is this statement true?

Well, first we have to look at heaven. The majority of information on heaven actually comes from Revelation. What do these references say?

Heaven is:

A place of joy

A place of worship

A place of judgement

A place of safety

The above descriptions, along with other, miscellaneous verses in the Bible suggest that the idea of people being able to watch us from heaven contradicts with the Bible. Some of the reasons are below:

For someone to see what you do, including when you sin, while in heaven, would not make sense. Why would God rescue us from sin and then let us watch on while the inhabitants of earth keep on doing it?

Watching from heaven, and seeing all the death, turmoil, suffering, etc. would definitely make the person sad, angry, mad, etc. Why would God take away all the suffering and effects of sin just to give it back to us while we watch earth?

If we can just watch the earth from heaven when we die . . . what would be the point of going there in the first place?