What animal is a blur while moving, a speck when still, can eat 14 times its weight in one day, has a heart that beats 20 times a second,  and a tongue that splits in two and can move in and out of its mouth as fast as its heartbeat?

You guessed it, the hummingbird.

If there was one bird that qualified for the overall “amazing award” it would be this bird. Just continue reading and you too will see why it wins that award.


Because the hummingbird is so tiny yet uses so much energy every time it flies around, it has to maintaining an almost constant flow of food coming in. But, the amount of food isn’t the only important thing; the hummingbird has to find food rich in sugar. That necessary amount of sugar is found in nectar, which the hummingbird drinks.

Now, how the hummingbird drinks it is truly the amazing part of the process.

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