When I listen to music, like I am right now, while writing, I find words appear in my brain much easier as well as form into sentences with a much smoother outcome (although, you are probably the judge of that).

Why does the above happen? According to my research, it is all very intriguing.

When our brains register music (music having the definition of many different sounds in a pattern or smooth transition) has many positive effects on right side of the brain, as well as the center, where human creativity is held.

This creativity can better flow, like with my articles or art, when the right kind of music is playing. I guess that is why my favorite list often has the same songs for years! Do I need a new supply of creativity/music?

Music, also, when containing stronger beats or rhythms will make your brain compete to match the sound it is hearing. When the brain is registering this beat it will raise it awareness and level of attention. When this happens the brain will be able to register things more quickly as well as respond to them in a more sensible and quicker way. All that is simply caused by some music.

That same beat or rhythm can also cause greater levels of concentration. That is why, since I have been listening to music for years, I can’t concentrate as easily on writing or reading when there is no music.

Next time I hope to delve into the amazing discoveries about music and memory!

But, for now, think about the next time you are singing in church. Think about the level of concentration you can direct to God through singing! Maybe that is why singing is mentioned about 150 times in the Bible, so we can give a higher level of concentration to God with the same worship we direct toward Him.