In my ever-consistent favorite (at least, as far as you can get ‘favorite’ when the author believes chance created everything) dinosaur book, Dinosaurs – The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur Loves of All Ages, the author, Thomas Holtz Jr. was talking about ‘stego-myths’ (myths about stegosaurs).

One of the myths Holtz knocked down, was the suspicion that some type of stegosaurs had survived on a remote island. Evidence for this claim included multiple stegosaur bones. However, as Holtz explained, these bones were later found out to be from creatures that were definitely not stegosaurs. After reading this I began to think about why evolutionists are so against dinosaurs living today.

I mean, if the mammals survived the supposed asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, pliosaurs, etc. why couldn’t some of the dinosaurs or other ancient reptiles survived as well? Why are so many evolutionists so adamant against some of the most amazing creatures surviving?!!

To me, it just doesn’t make any sense. If I was an evolutionist I’d be praying to whatever god I happened to believe in, begging him or her to let some dinosaurs survive! Then it hit me! That was it! It is because they are evolutionists that they cannot believe dinosaurs survived. Sounds logical, right? But, then I had to ask myself, “what about their belief requires dinosaurs to be extinct?”

Non-surprisingly, it is the two biggest core beliefs of evolutionists that withhold them from accepting living dinosaurs: time and change.

See, if dinosaurs were still alive today, and they looked like the fossils we find of them, that would mean, for the evolutionist, that this creature went through 65 million years of existence without changing a bit! That would be devastating for any evolutionist!

But, that would only be for the dinosaurs that lived right before the “major extinction“. Imagine all the other dinosaurs that lived tens of millions of years before the extinction! If these creatures had survived and hadn’t evolved . . . it would not be good for evolutionists.