F0034061-Brain_with_workers,_mental_healthA video from Already Answered:

Video transcript:

I am a senior. I attend a public, online school. I am a Christian. Christ has saved me.  I have been attending online public highschool for four years and am vocal about what I believe.

Other students always tell me not to judge, yet, if I signoff my communications with “in Christ Jesus alone” they say I cannot do that. Teachers come to me and tell me not to do it anymore. Students tell me I can’t say it.

If I say I believe God gave us morals, students will write me and tell me my beliefs are akin to thinking the Flying Spaghetti Monster is real. Yet, when that comment offends others, those students make it clear that it was only meant to insult the Christian and my God!

Kids can say they support abortion but I cannot express my view that the baby is a human soul at conception. I can only argue with the facts as my opinion may be different.

If a report is assigned, off-limit topics will be religion, abortion, creation, etc. In science, I’m forbidden to even ask questions about evolution or share my views on it.

I have been banned from talking about God or any religious topic during or between online classes. Forbidden to speak of what Christ has done for me. Forbidden to talk about God before or after classes and told to keep religion out o discussions outside of school with my peers.

I am weekly insulted because of my faith and for sharing it. I am just an online schooled kid, and this is what America’s school look like. It is time for a Thaw.

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