spaceSome great articles on astronomy, astronauts and snakes . . . yes, snakes!

Creationist Astronauts – Creation Science 4 Kids

The other day I saw an article over on Cowboy Bob’s Question Evolution website. He was talking about an article on one of America’s first astronauts, Colonel James Irwin, and his faith in Jesus, his Creator.

This got me thinking about astronauts and Jesus.

Astronaut on Creation –

When the Russian Cosmonauts went into space in the 1950s they reported there was no sign of a creator God; no evidence of creation.

NASA Astronaut Col. Jack Lousma, who has flown over 39 million kilometres in space in both Skylab and space shuttle flights, disagrees with his Russian counterparts. He’s quite convinced that outer space offers plenty of evidence of both creation and creator. Here’s what he says.

Did Snakes Shape Our Brains? – Answers in Genesis

Grandma Primate, What good eyes you have! “The better to see snakes,” evolutionists suggest.

The Snake Detection Theory has been one of more controversial ideas about how the brains of primates and eventually people evolved. The theory recently got a neurobiological boost from the discovery that macaque monkeys that have never even seen a snake have an intense rapid neurological response to snake pictures, suggesting they are hard-wired to detect and avoid snakes.

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