webYesterday I was reading over my article on abortion and was again repulsed at the things going on in America. Why do we allow this? Anyway, for those who have not seen my article on abortion here it is below, it is information no one should miss. Warning: this article contains graphic details about abortion procedures. 

Each day, around the world, tens of thousands of babies are being aborted. Methods of abortion range from a simple pill to complex operations involving multiple instruments of death. Although nearly every American knows about abortion, very few knew the real story behind the walls of the abortion clinic.

Methods of abortion

There are three main ways to abort a baby. One such method is called the “vacuum aspiration”. In this operation, a vacuum-like tool or syringe is used to suck out the baby.

The Dilation and Curettage (D&C) method is used when the baby is too old to be sucked out. This method will use a number of surgical tools to disembowel the baby and remove it limb by limb. An assistant professor, Lisa Harris, at the University of Michigan performed a D&C abortion on a baby and left the following remark:

With my first pass of the forceps, I grasped an extremity and began to pull it down. I could see a small foot hanging from the teeth of my forceps. With a quick tug, I separated the leg [from the baby]. (Swain 1)

After taking the baby apart, the doctors reassemble the baby on a metal dish. In a sort of memorial for the life they took apart.

Other types of abortions can be accomplished by giving drugs, or saline liquids to kill the baby and have it exit the womb. But, the last abortive method, known as “partial-birth abortion” has much more to do with human interaction.

A partial-birth abortion is applied to babies that have reached the age where they can be born and survive without medical help. This method is very much like a delivering a normal baby, but, instead of it being born normally, the doctors remove the head of the baby.

This is done by taking a sharp object, sometimes surgical scissors, and piercing the back of the skull. After the scissors have made a large enough hole, a vacuum is used to suck out all the brains of the baby. After the brains have been removed, the rest of the skull collapses and the baby is born: headless.

If a baby survives an abortion, it will be covered in a blanket and set aside, sometimes in a dark room by themselves. If applicable, other doctors are then allowed to rent a room in an abortion clinic. They will use this space to dissect the aborted baby and then ship the useful parts to companies that could use them. These doctors are even allowed to take the baby apart while it is still alive. (Swain 71)

Health risks

In a study done on women with breast cancer, it was found that those who had a family history of breast cancer often developed it after an abortion. One study showed that all teenagers with a family history of breast cancer developed it after an abortion; every one of them. In another study, the chance of getting breast cancer increased after having an abortion if you were a teenager, over the age of 30 or had an abortion at the 12-week mark. (Swain 59)

It has even been noted that, out of a doctor’s breast cancer patients, 30% of them had had an abortion in the past, with no family history of breast cancer. So, it was gathered that breast cancer was somehow related to women who had had an abortion. (Swain 59)

Other studies have revealed a higher chance of suicide, premature babies, and death among women who have had an abortion compared to those who have not. It has also been noted that women over 40 that have had an abortion have three times the chance of dying from it than that of a teenager. (Swain 59)

Other negative affects of abortion range from all kinds of cancer to impacts on the emotions, mind, and attitude of the woman who aborted. No positive affects on the woman have ever been produced from an abortion.

Planned Parenthood

Being the most popular abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood has aborted millions of babies throughout the years. However, their tactics, like the above procedures, are often concealed.

In 2007 a college journalist hired a professional actor to call the Planned Parenthood clinics in America. The actor was told to tell the Planned Parenthood employees that he was offering a donation to “lower the number of black people” by specifically aborting African American babies.

Of all the clinics called, not a single one objected to the racist remarks and seven states accepted the proposal to target babies from African Americans to lower their population. Fortunately, it was all a cleverly designed ruse and no extermination plans were acted upon.

Planned Parenthood’s approving of these proposals, however, is not the only time they have made a racist action. In fact, “79% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of African American and/or Hispanic/Latino communities.” (“79% of Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics Target Blacks, Hispanics”)

In 2009, Planned Parenthood decided to build the second biggest abortion clinic among neighborhoods that consisted 83% of African Americans and Hispanics (Swain 65). Although no direct link can be connected between racism/extermination and Planned Parenthood, the single idea that they want to target African Americans and Hispanics is disturbing at the least.


With abortion killing 40 million babies each year, it is surprising that such an outcry for the truth has not yet been called out. Where are the Christians that will call out against the horrible evil of abortion? What about the heinous acts of Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics? Where are the Christians who will speak out against it?

Abortion has gone on for far too long as a “legal choice” for humans. If it is not stopped, the next generation will be being dissected in a rented room in an abortion clinic. That will not be the fate of my future children.


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