611px-Ice_crystals_on_the_boxAs you well know, I have been majorly involved with Reach America recently. Their ministry and focus is too raise up Christian leaders so they can allow Christ to change America through them. It is extremely exciting working with them.

Anyway, at a Reach America meeting on Tuesday, they covered exactly how we can reach America for Christ. Their “big picture” plans included making short videos, doing a teen blog, doing training events during the weekends and summer and giving kids curriculum to develop leaders.

You have probably heard some of this before. Churches and ministries are always doing events, or running blogs, or making videos. But, there is a difference at Reach America.

Most of those churches and ministries mentioned above only present the problem. They say exactly what is wrong, and that is good. However, they don’t tell you how to fix it. Some have given up all hope that America can still turn around.

That is where Reach America is different. They have recently developed a curriculum that will train teens, and adults, exactly how they can let Christ use them to reach and change America. They don’t just present the problem, the present the solution and teach you how to apply the solution!

And their solution and how to apply it isn’t like a medicine bottle: dry and tasteless. No, their curriclum is lively and rests on the backs of teens who are excited to reach and change America with Christ.

If you live in the northern Idaho area you should really visit and see the work they are doing. Their website is http://www.letsreachamerica.org and the leader, Pastor Gary is an easy guy to email and get tons of information!

Also, please watch the video the kids at Reach America produced last year:

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