451px-Border_Collie-003My family has an awesome Border Collie/Black/Brown Lab mix dog named Tippy (though my younger brother calls here, “Tippydog”). She is a great dog and is always playful and happy (or as happy as you can say a dog could be). She is one of the best dogs I have ever had and we have gone through our fair share of dogs.

Anyway, just the other day, I was putting Tippy away into her kennel. I sent her in but didn’t lock the door. I walked away and a few seconds later Tippy followed me out. I understood her confusion so I started walking back towards the kennel.

Now, Tippy is the kind of dog, when you have the right tone and if you get close to her, she will squat on the ground like if you were going to throw her a stick (in Tippy’s case a frisbee). For some reason, when I started walking towards the kennel, Tippy got down on her front legs and wagged her tail. She was actually happy to go back to her kennel!

I found this kind of strange. Why would Tippy be happy to have me bring her to her kennel? Only time she did that was if I had just brought her food and she had already had a bowlful of food in her kennel. I didn’t understand it . . . then I shivered.

Of course, it was 20 degrees Fahrenheit out. It was freezing, freezing cold. No wonder Tippy was happy to get my approval to go to her kennel! She wanted to go to sleep in her warm bed. But, she wanted my approval.

Well, although that was a long story, there is a good point to it. Tippy wanted to go . . . was happy to go to her kennel because it was cold out. Christians can be much the same way.

If it is a normal day, they don’t want to do what Christ commands (go and make disciples). Instead, they would rather run around in the nice, hot day.

However, if the environment is changed, then the Christians will be happy to do what Christ says and can actually have a real impact. How?

Today, we have this view that Christians need to go into the world and play under its rules in order to witness. But, what if we tried it the other way around? What if we brought non-Christians under our rules?

For example, if you adopt a kid, that kid becomes part of your family. You do not except how he acts, you apply the rules and the kid changes to them. The same thing can happen with this world.

If we can effectively create communities that are centered on Christ and counter the secular culture of today, then we can introduce the un-saved into the counter-culture and their lives will be changed.

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