gorillaApes have never been my favorite creature. I have heard so many stories on chimps attacking and killing people that I’m just plain out disgusted with them. Gorillas aren’t half bad but just the whole ape thing creeps me out.

Anyway, I was just playing the Tower of Hanoi awhile ago and I had heard somewhere that that game is used to judge ape’s intelligence. I wondered if a ape could do a 4-disk Tower of Hanoi in the perfect amount of moves.

But, this all got me thinking above whether or not an ape could move 4 disks in the right order and in the right amount of moves and be deemed a “genius” of apes. How can we give an ape such a title for finishing such an easy puzzle?

I’ve done the 4-disk Tower of Hanoi; it is easy. I have done the 5-disk Tower of Hanoi; it is easy. Yes, I have done the 10-disk Tower of Hanoi . . . it takes 1,023 perfect moves to win it, and I have done it. It takes awhile, but it is easy.

We judge apes and rule them “more-human” because they can solve simple puzzles or recognize patterns and yet, we can look at a human baby and call it “non-human”!

I believe animals have a “soulish” existence. In the Bible they have a “nephesh” life, which means a living creature with a soul. A soul gives someone the biblical definition of life (Genesis 2:7), but it doesn’t give them a spirit. Humans have a spirit, animals do not.

An ape can be as smart as Einstein but without a spirit, it cannot be human in any sense. A nephesh life is what separates plants from animals and a spirit separates man from animal.

A soul contains emotions, brain and a will, all of which animals have. However, a spirit contains everything Christ did for us.

So, no matter how smart a ape, or any animal is, that does not qualify it for more-human attributes. Humans are the final act of creation from God and no animal can come close to what God has gifted us with . . . a spirit.

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