fightIn part 1, it was discussed how a fire can be put out using another fire. The fire represented was one in the spirit of men.

See, all the un-saved people in the world have that “raging fire” in them. But, we are told God is a consuming fire and He can burn up all that gives the fire of sin energy.

After the sin is taken over, ashes remain. But, as usually happens when a forest fire ends, the land starts to return to its former glory. Seeds break open and thin strips of green emerge. Trees start growing back that are great successors of the trees before them.

See, when that fire raged, it burned on lust. All the plants in the environment of your spirit were seeded by sin and were plants of lust. The fire of sin survived on those trees; your lust.

When the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost changed your life, gone are they trees of lust, replaced with trees of righteousness! Christ has created a new environment in you. Now, how can you use that new environment for the benefit of God’s kingdom?

Well, think about it for a moment. The new environment in your spirit is Christ-centered (or should be). This means what comes out should be Christ-centered and what is under your control should be Christ-centered.

Now, the new environment is also a counter to the environment you use to live in before Christ. So, you could call it a counter-environment, or counter-culture. All in all, you could refer to your new life in Christ as a Christ-centered counter-culture for Christ!

See, a Christ-centered counter-culture is exactly what is going to bring America back to Christ. But, as it has been said, “if you can’t start a revival in America, start one in your state. If you can’t start one in your state, start one in your county. If you can’t start one in your county, then start one in your city. If you can’t start one in your city, then start one in your neighborhood. If you can’t start one in your neighborhood, then start one in your family. If you can’t start one in your family, then start a revival in yourself!”

Christians, our new life in Christ is exactly what will change America! Christians, letting Christ run our lives will change America! It will.

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