askAs many of you, who have read this site, know, William Wilberforce is my personal hero. He battled the horror of his age, and many ages, and won because of his faith, perseverance and through allowing Christ to work through him. Wilberforce changed the world.

However, Wilberforce could never have ended slavery by himself. In order to get the British Empire to abolish slavery, Wilberforce needed many allies to make the majority. The majority would rule in a situation like this.

Wilberforce set up all his ducks and get them in a row. He would abolish slavery. He had enough people to abolish slavery and today it would be brought to the House and finally be abolished. Wilberforce must have been exhilarated.

But, something happened that day. The day slavery was to be abolished, Wilberforce had a problem. All the people he needed to vote (in order to create the majority) for the abolition of slavery were gone.

Some went on a vacation, seeing it as a good time to take a rest from politics. Others decided to take the day off and rest at home. Others went to the theaters; a good play was going to be shown and they didn’t want to miss it.

Slavery was not abolished that day. The men of the House of Commons had the ability to save thousands of lives from slavery and death. They blew it. They had an early chance and they gave it up for entertainment and rest.

These people wanted slavery to end, otherwise they wouldn’t have been Wilberforce’s allies but, they didn’t want it bad enough. They had the power to change the world for good, but they dropped the ball . . . what about you?

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