comschoolA little while ago I was told that I should share what has happened to me in the public school environment because of my faith. Now, I have never attended a “brick-and-mortar” public school, but I do attend an online public school. So, one could say my experiences are more mild then face-to-face schools.

I must admit, when I came out with my short, “The Thaw – Vindicated” video, I was a little worried. I had seen and heard what had been thrown at the kids in the original “The Thaw” video and it wasn’t pretty. I’m not scared of persecution, in fact, persecution seems to follow me around, but I still didn’t want that kind of hatred directed towards me and Who I believe in!

Anyway, I decided to take a friend’s advice and share some of the things that have happened to me in school because of my beliefs. I will try and keep this series, “In the Hallway”, populated with short posts on what has happened to me in the public online school.

But, before I write about my experiences at school, I want you to watch the two below videos. The top one came from Reach America and the one below from me and my “happenings” at school.

The Thaw

The Thaw – Vindicated

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