addupAbout two years ago I entered my online classroom for Earth Science. The teacher there, how about we call her Alice, knew I was a Christian and believed in Creation. She was an evolutionist and had issues with some of my other brothers and sisters because of their faith.

I really hadn’t run into any previous problems with her. Anyway, I had just read something about the “Horizon Problem” and since we were studying astronomy (yeah, doing astronomy in “Earth” science!) at that time I decided to ask her if evolutionists had solved the Horizon problem yet.

Alice did not answer my question but instead said that I shouldn’t cause trouble by questioning evolution and that she didn’t want to start anything. I apologized for my “presumed” troublemaker attitude.

But, now that I think about it, I wonder why I had to apologize. I apologized out of common courtesy but why would I even have to feel that when asking a question about evolution. I wasn’t challenging anyone, just wondering about a topic.

The Science Channel’s new slogan is “Question Everything” but it seems we can question everything (mostly God) but we can’t question evolution. On their shows they often bring up God but immediately “disprove” Him with their own evolutionary models. Yet, I have never, ever seen them question evolution, never. It just doesn’t add up.


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