800px-Dry_Stone_Wall_-_Blackmile_Lane,_Grendon,_NorthamptonshireA friend and I recently wrote a poem together and i thought it packed a good message about the power and destruction of words. I thought it would go nicely with The Flying Spaghetti Monster article.

The Echo Returns

By KaTrina Weyerman and Jacob Howard

The shadow of my words

Make you shrink


Yet a spark shinning bright

Returns to haunt the night

Words grow strong

Grasp about the hand


Yet a quiet gentle word

Grows stronger-never heard

Sword from a word

Blood drawn at the spoke


Yet a dying light

Flickers to life

To bring warmth to the world

The blood in the word

Mouth not yet drawn

Not yet spoken

Fighting a battle

Waiting to be won

Word wrote

Battle won

Words now gone

But an echo


Stronger than ever

Word have died

Hope has flown

Lips have not moved

But the echo returns

Words unsaid

Break through

Wall unbroken

Block the wind

The word

The heart

Yet a crack

Wind whispers

Breaks through

Wall crumbles

Shadow gone

Light broken

Words flame to life

Words burn bright

Against the darkness of the night

Rock is a word

Light exposes it

Rocks upon rocks

Words upon words

Build up a wall

Stands tall

Defense is strong

Argument worded

Yet a break

A thread unravels

Wall crumbles in disrepair

Nothing breaks

Nothing shakes

Nothing takes

Yet the wind tries again

A droplet

A sprout

A tear shed in pain

Words have ruined

Not built up

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