dna-nano-tech-wideA long time ago I read an article from Answers in Genesis that asked whether or not there was a “magic bullet” to prove creation and disprove evolution. Well, from every place I have read, there seems there is no real magic bullet because evidence is interpreted differently by people of different worldviews.

Although this is true, there are certain things that cannot really be interpreted, only shown. Such as the law of gravity. You can’t really interpret the law of gravity wrong. On earth, things fall when you let them go. Now, with evolution, such a law makes no sense but it is still true and can be interpreted very little with one’s worldview.

Now, someone can discuss the origin of the law of gravity and such, but as far as how the law works, they don’t have much option to contradict it. So, such things, like the law of gravity can be used without interpretation it then stands to reason that another law could be used in the same way.

The laws of logic have been around since the beginning of time. We have different methods and ways to use logic but the laws are always the same: something is logical or is not logical. See. the laws of logic can prove God exists, disprove evolution and all be within common sense at the same time.

Everything a man believes in life comes from his ultimate standard. Everything he believes must rest on that ultimate standard. Now, an ultimate standard can be true or false, but is still a standard and beliefs stem from it. I often think of the ultimate standard as a tree’s roots and the beliefs are the trunk and the branches.

It is actually, in determining someone’s ultimate standard, that we can prove God exists and that evolution is false. For the most part, evolutionist’s ultimate standard is going to be evolution, or atheism. For the Christian, their ultimate standard is going to be the Trinity (I will refer to the Trinity as “God” through this article and part two).

For an evolutionist, neither atheism nor evolutionism can stand up to the test of a true ultimate standard. In order for an ultimate standard to be true, it must be able to exist independently of everything else. It must exist without the laws of logic, reason, order, and have absolutely no reliance on the world, ideas, humans, etc. An ultimate standard must exist by itself in order to be a true ultimate standard.

Think about it for a minute, can atheism, evolutionism, secular humanism or any other idea like that exist by itself? No, it cannot. None of those can survive without humans, ideas, the world, laws of logic, order, etc. These ultimate standards are nothing without the things that harbor their ideas.

In part two we will look at how this same test can be applied to God and prove He is the ultimate and only standard!

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