housesunSo, in part one, we discussed how their just might be a “magic bullet” for proving God’s existence by using certain laws, specifically the laws of logic.

Basically, we came to the conclusion, and this isn’t my conclusion but comes from logic “scientists”, that an ultimate standard (the object from which all your beliefs stem from) can only be proven true if it can stand by itself. An ultimate standard can be logical or illogical but it has to be true and in order for it to be true it has to stand true apart from every other thing in the world.

See, if an ultimate standard is true than it has to exist before anything else. It cannot be something man has come up with, or been something made by man or any other thing on earth. This creates a problem for many people and their beliefs.

In order for their beliefs to be true, they have to have a true ultimate standard and yet atheists, evolutionists, etc. cannot prove their ultimate standard true because it relies on multiple other things (like the laws of logic).

However, God is a different subject. In order for Him to be an ultimate standard, and Christians believe this, He must be be existent without any of creation. God has to exist without a single law, idea, or anything that hold our world together.

Now, the only way for God to be our Ultimate Standard, He must have created everything we know today. But, He also must be existent apart from what He has created; meaning not a single thing created by Him can control His existence in any way.

Does God fulfill these requirements? Think about it. In order for God to have created everything we see today He must have:

Existed before everything

Existed before time was created (by Him)

If God has existed before time and all the other laws then He would be the only True Ultimate Standard. Well, God did exist before time was created, by Him and before all the laws were created, by Him. So, yes, God is the only True Ultimate Standard since He is the only One that can exist outside of the created universe.

Some might find this a little hard to believe, that God existed without time and is eternal, but one must understand that God cannot be limited. Time is a limitation. I would like to sum it up with an analogy:

I write a book where everyone has to start their sentences with the word “Yes”. So, in this book, the characters could use this “law” to describe me, the writer. They could explain me by starting every one of the sentences with the word “yes”. They could say: “Yes, the author of this story is a masterful writer!” However, since I created that law in the book, if I were to take it away, would I still be here? If the people in my book couldn’t describe me with their “law” would I still be real? Yes (no pun intended), because I exist under different “laws” as them.

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