plant2555Adolf Hitler was an awfully evil man. His actions disgust me, yet, I still can’t help but think how bad it is for him living in Hell for eternity (presuming he did not give his life to Christ right before he died). Hell is what he deserved; Hell is what we all deserve. Hell is justice.

Well, a little while back my family and I were listening to Adrian Rogers and he told a true story about a pastor. I don’t remember the pastor’s name but the pastor told the story something like this:

I was once preaching a message in front of a large crowd. People filled the seats and many were up in the balconies listening. As I came to a close in my message, I asked those in the audience that had not given their lives to Christ, to come forward and do it.

Many came forward, but I noticed one man in the balcony. He was a young man, and he kept fingering the hymn books everybody else was singing out of. He finally grabbed the hymn book and started singing. He then shut the book and started walking towards the front but stopped, picked up the book again and started singing again.

He did this a few more times. I earnestly prayed that he would come forward. Finally I looked at him and saw he had made up his mind. He closed the hymnal, set it down and started walking . . . and left the building. My heart broke for the man.

Sometime later I heard that the same man had been hospitalized. He had a deadly disease and only had weeks to live. I immediately went to see him.

I introduced myself to him, and he said he recognized me from that Sunday. I told him what I had seen him do and he told me why he had done it.

“Pastor, every time I wanted to go forward but I just couldn’t give up my sin! I knew I would have to give up my sin to accept Christ and I just couldn’t do it. I finally just left the church.”

I listened intently. Then I said, “but, you know you are going to die soon so why not give your life to Christ now? Sin can’t be holding you back anymore.”

That man looked into my eyes, tears pouring from his. “Pastor, you don’t understand. When I walked out those church doors something . . . something died in me. I have gone past the point of no return.”

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