7362One of the first times I really got to witness to someone, they started going into unnecessary details. When I asked them about how many times they had lied, they answered and went into a question mode of asking if that included lies of omission.

They continued to ask many questions about all the things people do that are sins but would be called “justified”. I’m not entirely sure what I had said back then, but recently I got an interesting approach on it.

At Reach America, we were discussing a topic similar to this: on picking between sins. One example used was:

If I see a man pointing a gun at my daughter and I have a gun by me, what should I do?

Of course, we answered that you should shoot the man. It is in defense of your child and we are supposed to protect the innocent. But, the choice might not come easy to everyone.

I mean, letting the man kill your daughter is obviously a sin as it is allowing someone to murder. But, shooting the man is also murder. This is where many of us said, “but it is justified.” We were wrong.

No matter how justified we think shooting that man may be, it is still a sin. Yes, killing someone in self-defense, in war, etc. is still a sin! Lying to protect someone, though it may have prevented something worse, is still a sin.

This is something we must learn as Christians and teach others. Times in our lives will make us choose between one sin and another and, even if we choose the “lighter” sin, it is still a sin and we still need to confess it before Christ.

Sin is sin people, Christ died for us because of what sin did to us, don’t try to justify it and thus tear down Christ’s sacrifice!

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