prayBibleSo many things have been going on in the past few days and many of them have gone horribly wrong. My brother and his wife recently bought a pup Brittany Spaniel. They had waited many months but just recently got her.

They only had her a few days before all her siblings got sick and many died. Soon, their little puppy was also sick and is still sick. Please be praying for her that she gets better, as this could easily kill her or leave a bad impact on her for the rest of her life.

Then, just yesterday morning, I saw our own dog, Tippy, was bleeding. She had a long strip down her neck and back that had blood in it. We cleaned it out and came to the conclusion that a dog had attacked her (we saw other dog pawprints by her kennel).

Well, that night we found a very big puncture in Tippy’s neck. She was obviously bit by a much larger dog. Please pray for her so that the infection goes away and that she is restored to normal.

And, on a final note, almost my entire family has gotten sick basically overnight. It seems like we might be getting the flu or a bad cold. Please pray for us and all the others who seem to be getting the same thing.

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