?????????????Before you even read into this post, I want every reader to know I’m very uncomfortable writing about this. I can talk to my friends about it but it is extremely hard to write this article. So, onto the controversial subject!

As you could have guessed, I’m going to discuss dating. Once again, this is not easy to write this article, but I believe telling this is very important.

America, and Christians, have become too slack in the relationships between girls and boys, specifically dealing with teens. Teens are allowed to date whom they wish and do what they want. Such conditions usually produce pregnancy outside of wedlock, divorces after being married, etc.

Teen relationships do not end well because they do not start well. Today, teens are allowed to date and such with the attitude that they can drop out of a relationship at will. If they “stop liking” someone then they can simply break up and start-up a new one when they want.

This is horribly sad and pathetic. Why have parents allowed this to happen? Is it because they let their teens date? Is courting the solution? I believe it goes deeper than that.

The word “like” is very prominent in the teen relationship structure. A boy may “like” a girl, meaning he likes her like a girlfriend but doesn’t want to pursue a relationship. He can “like” multiple girls. He can “like” every girl he meets, but he may only pursue a relationship with one or two, or more.

I have a different definition of “like”. I’m consistently teased that I “like” a girl. I have to respond to them with a firm “no”. Their definition of like is not mine. I believe, when a boy “likes” a girl, it should only be towards one girl and it should be with the plan to develop more than a friendship with that girl.

This “more than a friendship” should be developed over events and not personal events like a date, or night out. Then, when it develops into more than a friendship, the couple should seek godly counsel to pursue a stronger relationship and begin to court with the intention to marry.

This seems very hard for some people to grasp. I have had one person tell me that, “you can’t seriously tell me that you can resist the very nature of man!” I can’t, but Christ through me can, and I believe the above to be a biblical model for teen relationships.

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