sadIn Hillsong – United’s song, “Rescue” they said:

And I need you Jesus to come to my rescue
Where else can I / go?
There’s no other name by / which I am saved
Capture me with grace
I will follow you.

It is quite a good song and I enjoy listening to it. It actually reminded me of something I was talking to a friend about: emotions and our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Emotions play a big part in people’s lives today. Some people, naturally, are more emotional than others and some seem to have no emotions at all. But, either way, we all have them and all have to deal with them.

Some people, though, use their emotions to judge their walk with God (excuse me, run with God). If they are not “feeling” joyful or “close to God” then they label themselves as not doing enough or not accomplishing what God wants them to do. This may or may not be true of this person, but they are not judging it by the right standards.

In the Bible it tells us to examine ourselves and see if we are walking according to God’s will. We can’t do this by examining our emotions and what they “tell” us about our relationship with Christ. A relationship with Christ is much more than a happy, joyful feeling, it is a sacrifice of yourself completely to God. One could even say basing your relationship off your feelings means you have a very self-centered relationship with Christ.

Some people need to get on an emotional “high” before they think they can really feel Christ save them. Rescue them. Pull them out, hug them to Himself and then put them back on their feet. This is something people begin to rely on and soon they are drifting back into sin so that Jesus can come and rescue them. This is not the Christian walk.

Your relationship with Christ cannot be judged off your emotions. Sure, emotions play a part in your entire life, but you cannot let them judge everything and you also can’t throw them away. God works through emotions, just let Him have them.

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