chartThe year of 2013 has been awfully interesting. Already Answered had some great articles on a variety of subjects. So many subjects, in fact, that I hardly know which ones to pick as the top ones. But, first, we will start with an amazing gallery of the best photos and graphics from 2013.

To tell you the truth, the above gallery is one of my favorite things to look at at the end of each year. So much beauty in the world!

The best series of the year was definitely “Where’s the Love Bro?” I was just shocked how well that series took off and love writing articles with that in mind (51 articles have been added to that section since it started!). Because they were all so great, here is the link to the entire series:

Where’s the Love Bro? – Entire Series

The following are some of the best articles for the year of 2013, enjoy!

The Funniest:

The Roar/War of Laughter

There’s Gotta Be a Pony Somewhere! – Part 1

We Gonna Talk or Fish?

Where’s the Love Bro? – Barbecued Bluejays

Some sad ones that might get you moving:

Something Died . . .

The Thaw – Vindicated – Revised

America – Caught in the Web of Abortion

He Was So Close . . .

Where’s the Love Bro? – Abolishing Act

The Best:

Throw the Stick . . . er . . . Command?

There’s Gotta Be a Pony Somewhere! – Part 2

Dating Dilemma

Dating Disaster

Tower of Hanoi

X-ians and X-mas

America – A Hyphenation of a Nation

The Web of Hyphenation

Hit the Deck! A New Idea!

The Tastebuds of Nature

The Adam Newt

A “Kind” Puppy

Happy new year, all my faithful readers, see you in 2014!

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