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Each new year is another promise made. For some reason, we view the new year as a new beginning. A time to do better. I know I like to think that I “can do better this year”. I definitely will enjoy the prospect of a new year; a new slate.

I made some mistakes this year, none of which I’ll list except for one. I failed two math tests. Only time I really failed something like this. Well, I have plenty of excuses, like I didn’t know much or anything that the tests were even asking and that I had not been given correct information or enough information about the tests so I did them completely unprepared.

But, these were more than just tests. These were mastery exams. Meaning, if I passed them I would get four credits towards my graduation and finally put me back on track (I only started full-time highschool for credits my junior year. I needed these or I would maybe not be able to graduate.

Fortunately, God gave me other options. If I did this and that I would receive two elective credits towards my graduation and I could make up the math credits during the school year. Well, that “this and that” turned out to connect me with Reach America.

Reach America. This ministry has really gotten me back on track with what I need to do. It sets me up to plow ahead for Christ! You have seen it in my writing. My topics have changed to include more “life-changing” topics and topics of real importance.

See, if I hadn’t failed those mastery exams, I would never have met Reach America because I would not have needed the extra credits. I made a big blunder but God worked it out to good.

That will be a big theme for the year of 2014 for this website. How God works and how we can allow Him to work through us to preach the Gospel and make disciples. That will be our 2014 mission.

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