questionOn Saturday, January 25th, I watched part of a I Love Lucy. On the episode Ricky, of course, forgot about their anniversary. It is the common stereotype: men can’t remember anniversaries. While watching it I thought of how someone could possible forget an anniversary. I told myself I’d never forget my future wife’s anniversary.

Well, if you know about the origins of this site, you will remember that January 25th is the third-year anniversary for Already Answered . . . and I totally forgot! God even was trying to remind me with I Love Lucy yet I still didn’t remember. I guess the stereotype is more of a fact: men can’t remember anniversaries.

Fortunately, my website couldn’t complain too much that I forgot the anniversary. That was one good thing.

Anyway, so, about three years and five days ago, Already Answered went on the web for the first time. Since then I have written over 1,000 articles, which would work out to somewhere around 300,000 words of information. I have had a few people who have stuck with this site since its rocky beginning and for that I am grateful.

Thank you for sticking with Already Answered, it has been a treat!

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