thinkAlready Answered was started on January 25th, 2011. Without giving you the history found on our about page, I will tell you that I started this site with the plan to share a few of my articles on the Bible and Creation.

Instantly, I started to write up updates and articles everyday. I started out my site’s views by announcing it to my peers. This got a lot of attention. Sometimes it sparked debates; students clearly said they would ignore my site because of its “religious nature”.

Others were excited to see a Christian site started by one of their peers. They enjoyed visiting the site and I have had a few that are still reading my website consistently for the last three years! Anyways, I made a promise three years ago when I’d advertise my website . . . I said, “it is updated everyday.” I will not allow myself to break that promise.

Now, about 1,156 articles (now you will only find about 900 of those) and days later, I’m still sticking to updates and articles everyday. I have wanted to give up doing an article everyday for a long time! Sometimes, I’ve written articles literally minutes before they go up! A few other times, I’ve had articles scheduled ahead for a month or more. Either way, running this website at full capacity (and my other site, US-LDS) has never been easy.

But, throughout it all, I never really had to worry. Somehow an article always gets produced. It may be a slight thing I notice that sparks an article. Or, perhaps, it comes after an hour of thinking up something . . . or from something that happened that day. There are about a million different ways I get an article idea but God always gives me an idea. For that, I’m thankful!

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