Recently, I was wondering about the Tree of Life. I had learned a long time ago that God kept man from the Tree of Life, after sin, because He did not want man to live forever with his sin. I could understand that. But, the part that recently caught me was the fact that the Tree of Life granted everlasting life.

You may not see a problem with that but, the way I saw it, if Adam and Eve had not eaten of the fruit, and were allowed to eat of the Tree of Life, then wouldn’t that mean they could die?

If that sounds confusing, look at it this way. Man eats forbidden fruit, sins, can die and then eats fruit of Tree of Lie and lives forever in sin.

Now, what about this way. Man doesn’t eat fruit, doesn’t sin, but can die, so he has to eat of the Tree of Life.

But, then I found the surprisingly easy answer. Man didn’t have to eat of the Tree of Life to live forever. Only when death took its place against man could man eat from the Tree of Life and be granted everlasting life.  Before death came, the Tree of Life was not needed but could still be eaten. Only when there is death can there be such a thing as everlasting life.

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