The very essence of our humanity is slowly being drained from society. We have lost such a respect for human life that, like the baby in the above picture, the color and interest in life is slowly turning dull.

When I made the above picture I could change just one option and the whole baby’s face would light up with color. But, by switching back to a different option, I could have the baby’s color and life draining from the body.

I believe it is a similar fix for today.

Right now, we are wallowing in the filth of the flesh and anti-God theology, and, unless we turn to a different option life will continue to drain until we are nothing more than animals (Daniel 4:33-36).

Like the baby in the picture, we cannot change until we chose the other option, especially when that option is the Truth!

For more on how to stop the disrespect to human life, see the below video:

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