Traffic Light TreeThe other night I was heading home from work. I have about a 40-minute commute with my fair share of traffic lights. These traffic lights also have a tendency of going from green to red very quickly (I’ve seen them go green for three seconds before). Anyway, on this particular night I was alone on the road and the green light in front of me was teasingly approaching its limit.

I did not want to hit another red light but I feared I would. I got closer and closer and the light was still green. I prayed for it to stay green. I zipped under the green light and smiled and thanked God. I looked in my rear mirror, expecting to see the light turn red . . . but it didn’t. After a couple more seconds it turned red and let cross traffic go through.

I thanked God again . . . why, you ask? Well, I’ve noticed that God is a God Who gives more than we need and deserve. He doesn’t just give us enough and let us fight to thrive, no, He gives us more than we need so we can thrive. I didn’t need those extra seconds of green light, bu God gave it to me either way to show that He gives generously. Throughout your day today, and the rest of your life, take note of the times you got more than you needed or deserved . . . you will be amazed!

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