In the last part of this article, we left off with the thought that fire is the perfect natural/supernatural thing to be existent in hell. But, before we get to deep into that we need to look at hell itself.

Although it has many rivals, hell is a real place. Lately, people like Rob Bell have been trying to spread around the idea that there is no hell. However, that is so anti-biblical that you can refute his idea by just reading the Bible. Simple and clear as that.

We then have to ask ourselves who hell is a punishment for. Biblically, it is all sinners and demons. When a sinner dies, if he or she is not born-again, their spirit/soul (there is some debate about these terms but suffice it to say the spiritual part of the sinner goes to hell while the physical part stays on earth) goes to hell.

Now, since there is no physical part of the person going to hell we could say that hell is a spiritual place. However, as the Bible says over and over, there is fire in hell, and fire is a physical thing. So, then one would say that hell is a physical place with fire but the spiritual world of sinners, demons and the devil find their home there.

So, if the above find their home there and the place is physical (or, at least, part physical) could a human find hell if they looked in the right places? If hell were physical couldn’t we have a chance of finding it? Of course, God could have it in a galaxy quadrillions of lightyears away but doesn’t that still seem a little weird?

So, if hell isn’t a physical place then it would have to be a spiritual place for spiritual “beings”. And if it is a spiritual place for spiritual “beings” then fire, of which hell has a-plenty, would have to be a supernatural force (or whatever you want to call it). And if fire is a supernatural force, or maybe mostly supernatural, that would mean so many amazing and never-really-thought-of-things. Some of which would be:

Oxygen in hell

Physical fuel for the fire in hell

Physical energy in hell

Some of these “suggestions” of fire, hell and eternity are truly stunning things that could really get quite a bit of talk. It will be interesting to see how people react to it.

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