foggyroadEvery day returning from work, I have to drive through at least five miles of dirt road. On Christmas Eve the roads were particularly foggy and even though I knew the roads like the back of my hand, I was worried I’d run off one of the edges . . . and down a fairly steep hill.

So, I did something many people in my situation would’ve done: I asked God to take the fog away for just a little bit so I could tell where I was. Within a couple of feet, the fog disappeared and I could see exactly where I needed to be. A second later the fog returned.

After the fog came back, I realized that I’d have to go down a steep hill in mere seconds and a sharp turn, so I prayed again for the fog to disappear quickly so I could get an idea of when I was descending. The fog opened up and I was feet away from my speedy descent, so I prayed one last time. This time I prayed for all the fog to disappear.

There was not a spot of fog the rest of the 3 or 4 miles home!

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