This past year has been an very interesting and mixed year. At times, the days flew by, and at other times the seconds dragged on and on. Many things happened that I did not plan, but God did. I proposed to the love of my life in October and I will be starting a new life with La’el before the end of the next year.

Already Answered has grown immensely with views multiplying by 133%! The following are the best graphics and photos from 2014.

The following are just some of the best articles from the year 2015!

Personal favorite:

On the Brink – “I Helped That One!”

The best:

The Blind Man

Three Inches of Water

Where’s the Love Bro? – Breaking vs. Bending

The Raven Stays

Common Man . . . Common Mistake

On the Brink – The Prisoner’s Message

Bird Crossing

On the Brink – Bitter Words

Breath of Life

Happy new year everyone!



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