A little information on the above picture: I combined a picture of the dinosaur, pterosaurs and crocodile to the top of a lion covering its face with its paw. For me, it made a picture of an animal’s “shame” over the cover-up as well as offering a great picture for this post.

Recently my dad asked me about the layers of rocks. He asked if we had ever found mammals (like cows or horses) along with dinosaur bones. I told him that if we had found them the evolutionists wouldn’t want to tell us!

As I wrote about in The Unchanging Mystery, an animal that could live for millions of years and be unchanged is . . . not acceptable for an evolutionist. Actually, it is kin to nature blaspheming evolution with all its force!

Anyway, to study the claim on whether or not we have found modern animals with dinosaurs, I had to dig a little deeper into the subject and find some documentation on what they had found with dinosaurs.

Of course, ask any evolutionist and they will tell you that they have found certain mammals (only small ones though that had evolved) and crocodiles as well as “primitive birds”. We all know about this but there is more hiding behind these few examples.

I ran into a interesting quote from Carl Werner, a man who has been studying this for years (as well as traveling 100,000 miles to find answers), said:

We found fossilized examples from every major invertebrate animal phylum living today including: arthropods (insects, crustaceans etc.), shellfish, echinoderms (starfish, crinoids, brittle stars, etc.), corals, sponges, and segmented worms (earthworms, marine worms).

For the mammals they have actually found half as many species as dinosaurs in the rocks containing dinosaurs. How come we never here about this?

You probably want to know what animals have been found so I have included the widest list I could find:



Tasmanian devils





Duck-billed platypus

Boa constrictor

Ground lizards

Gliding lizards

Box turtles

Soft-shelled turtles













And many more that were not listed!

The one that really gets me is the primates! Here sit primates, for some 80+ million years without changing a bit then, suddenly, they start evolving! At least we know why they have been keeping this from being broadcasted around the world.

Let’s break that secrecy. If you know some way this article can be shared please do it. It is time this cover-up be exposed, and not just with the primates but with all the information that has been held back for so long.

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