An older post from the beginning of this site:

When man invented the first brick, they thought they were on top of the world,

When man finally made the first hammer they couldn’t hold in their pride,

When man thought of the bucket they could do nothing but pat themselves on the back,

When man created the first city they could think of nothing but their superiority,

When man decided to think and made the first wagon they worshiped themselves,

When man made the first sword they figured they were unbeatable,

When man found gunpowder and made the gun the world was theirs, so they thought,

When man made the first automobile they couldn’t stop honking their own horn,

When the first plane flew free, the sky was not the limit for them,

And when man made the space shuttle, pride didn’t stop flowing,

. . .

But when God made man all He said was, “Very Good.”

. . .

How naíve we are!

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