The Rhamphorhynchus glided silently over the still waters. He had spotted something earlier from his high circle and had dropped lower to bet a grab at it. He quickly maneuvered into place and dove his beak into the water right as the prey came close enough.

The weather had been strange today and the Rhamphorhynchus knew something was wrong, but, for right now, he is hungry at that is the focus of his task. Suddenly a torrent of rain cascades from the sky and pelts the poor pterosaur. Not knowing what to do, the confused pterosaur turns and heads for land.

Unfortunately, the pterosaur did not see the predator lurking in the now boisterous waters and when it jumped at him he instantly plunged into the ocean. But, as they hit the water, they rose on a gigantic wave miles high and plummeted to the soft earth that the rain had made muddy.

The pterosaur and his meal and predator were stuck in the mud. They . . . Read the rest of this page >>

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