Not to long ago my dad saw a picture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a dinosaur book I had been using for my research. This picture sported T. Rex roaming through a Cretaceous forest with trees that had a circumference of at least 80 feet.

All of a sudden, I’m quite good at this believe it or not, I said, “hey, that is how the dinosaurs all died out! The loggers cut down all the trees and killed the dinosaurs under them!”

My dad laughed. He was a logger when he was younger so the joke resonated with him. I was ecstatic that I had finally figured out the reason all the dinosaurs died out!

Just think about it, with all the trees that are getting cut down it stands to reason that the dinosaurs would have died from hundreds of feet tall trees falling atop them!

Of course I’m teasing. But doesn’t my theory sound just as ridiculous as the theory that says an asteroid hit the earth without leaving any evidence of itself? And what about the one that says dinosaurs gassed themselves to death? Or the one of all the evolving mammals eating up the dinosaur eggs?

I don’t know, maybe I missed my calling to be an evolutionist, I can come up with theories like they do (perhaps better, your vote). Nope, I’m good and happy being a creationist and praising the Lord for the work He made!

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