Were all dinosaurs vegetarians?

When people think  of dinosaurs they will, most likely, first think of the T. Rex or the speedy Velociraptor. So, in short, they think of the ferocious carnivores! Or, at least they believe they are carnivores.

Have you ever seen the skull of a fruit bat? Let me tell you, it isn’t all molars and buck teeth for breaking into fruit. No, instead his mouth is full of canine teeth! And the fruit bat’s main diet is fruit. The point is, animals can have vicious looking teeth without being meat-eaters.

Now, before the fall we know that there was no death because death is the result of sin. Since there was no sin before the fall we also know that there is no death thus there is no eating of animals or humans. So, in the beginning, before the fall, all animals, including dinosaurs, ate plants and fruits.

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About Jacob Howard

A writer and Christian, I thank God for letting me see the Salvation offered by His Son and I am eternally grateful for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

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